How do I use the Shift Plan?

The Shift Planner is used to attach notes or reminders to a shift withing the schedule posted online, as well as give your volunteers the ability to comment back with questions to you.

To access the Shift Planner,

1. Select the shift in the schedule.

2. Go to the Schedule menu at the top of the screen and select “Edit Shift Plan…” A web page will open to that shift’s plan.


Notes are one-way communication from you to your volunteers. Notes can be just text or can include a hyperlink to take your volunteers to another web page.

To create a note:
1. Click “Add Note…”
2. Type your note to volunteers in the space provided. Text editing tools appear above the box that can be used to further customize your text, including the ability to add a hyperlink.
3. Choose if you want to this note displayed to:

  • this shift only
  • this shift as well as all its related shifts this week
  • Note: Related shifts are ones that have the same name. This also applies to shifts that are not named.
  • this shift and all other shifts with [Recurring Shift pane settings] shifts
  • every single shift

4. Choose if you want to also limit to “Only show this note to [job]”
5. Click OK


Comments are two-way communication between anyone who can see this shift. This includes other volunteers, Shift Leaders, and admins.

To create a comment, type in the “Write a comment…” box. Hit Enter on your keyboard to submit your comment.

Notes and comments can be viewed by other volunteers by clicking on the blue hyperlinked date of any shift in an email or on the Web Terminal.