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What are Locations and how do I use them?

Locations can be applied to a shift to designate where the shift will take place.  Volunteers in VSP can then have preferences for a location added to their profile to assist when manually filling a position, or alert the auto-scheduler as to who is available or should be placed at a particular shift.  

Using locations also allows you to identify groups of volunteers to send emails or run rosters of everyone with specific locations listed as a preference.  Locations are especially helpful if you have shifts occurring at the same time, but at different places, and need to distinguish between volunteers who are available for one location but not another.

To set up locations, begin by going to the Recurring Shifts pane, selecting a shift and clicking the "Edit Shift..." button to bring up the shift editing window. (If you are in the Admin view of the Web Terminal, click the button with a pencil icon instead.)

In the edit dialog, click the drop-down menu for Locations and select "Manage locations...".

 A new dialog will open, as pictured below, and you can click "New Location..." to create a new one.

Now when editing a volunteer, you can set their Location preferences in their profile, as well as edit existing shifts (or build new shifts) and set the location for those.

When manually scheduling a position, or if you run the auto-scheduler, the software will recommend or place volunteers for shifts based on job qualifications, shift preferences, and location preferences.