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Using the "Fill positions" mode on schedules

You can easily decide who is best to fill empty positions by using the "Fill positions" mode. The "Fill positions" mode is built right into the schedule and is an excellent tool to help quickly identify who is the best fit for empty positions - especially when VSP encounters a position it cannot fill without breaking some of the settings.

  1. From your open schedule, click on a "Not Filled" position.
  2. On the right-side of the schedule window, make sure the Mode at the upper right corner is set to "Fill positions."
  3. You can click on the text, "Show only volunteers who" and select the filters you would like to be active for this list. By default, all of these filters are checked to display only the most-available volunteers.
  4. The "Sort by load" option, when checked, will list volunteers in ascending order based on how many times they are scheduled on this particular schedule. You can click on "Total" or "Job" to see how many total times they are on the schedule, or just how many times they are scheduled in that particular job. If there is a conflict, or a reason why VSP did not place them there, this will appear at the bottom of this list.
  5. Once you find the volunteer you would like to fill the position, you can double-click their name, or drag and drop them into the position on a schedule.

NOTE: Volunteer names appearing in red indicates there is a serious conflict for the position; for example they are already scheduled that day, have an unavailable date for that day or shift, or that is not a preferred or qualified position. Names in orange indicate a minor conflict, such as they were scheduled within the past week.