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Using the preferred serving frequency on a "by job" basis

Using preferred serving frequencies, you can accommodate volunteers that would like to be scheduled more or less often than normal. For example, you can specify that a volunteer be scheduled "2 hours per month", or "6 hours per year". You may have already seen the preferred serving frequency setting, but did you know that you can even set preferred serving frequencies on a by job basis? That is, that you can specify a separate preferred serving frequency for each job in which a volunteer is qualified?

  1. Open VSP and go to the Volunteers pane.
  2. Select the volunteer whose frequency you would like to set, and click the "Edit Volunteer..." button.
  3. Next to "Preferred serving frequency:", click on the drop-down menu and select the last option, "set by job". You can then specify a unique preferred serving frequency in each individual job.

By being more flexible with the scheduling frequency, you can better accommodate your volunteers' individual preferences, which leads to more people becoming engaged in volunteering.

NOTE: It is not advised to adjust all volunteers' preferred serving frequency, as that would make it impossible for the scheduler to accommodate everybody's specific preferences. You should only change the preferred serving frequency of a volunteer when there is a special need for that volunteer.