Preassignments and Auto Scheduling

If I preassign someone for a particular job, is there a chance they will be auto-scheduled for that job outside of the preassignment time if I do not check the box to only schedule them as preassigned?

I have volunteers who want to be preassigned as Job 1 for a particular month. But they volunteer for other jobs that use the auto-scheduler. I didn't want to set them to only be preassigned because then they wouldn't ever be scheduled for the other jobs.


If you do not check the "Manual and preassigned scheduling only" box, then there is a chance the program auto-schedules volunteers for other positions outside of their preassignments.

In your example if you want them to only be preassigned for Job 1 but then available to the auto-scheduler just for other jobs, what you can do is set them as a substitute in Job 1. The preassignment will schedule them as Job 1 anyways, but because they are a sub the auto-scheduler will never place them in that job, while they will still be open for the auto-scheduler to use them in other roles.