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How do I ensure that a family is always scheduled together?

You can ensure that the program always keeps families together on a global basis or on a family-by-family basis. 

You can ensure that only specific families are never scheduled without all of their members by going to the Families pane, opening up the families, and then checking the "Never schedule this family without all of its members" option. 

Note that when this option is turned on, the scheduler may not be able to give some members of the family as many services as they should otherwise have, because other members in the family should not be scheduled as often. Since the scheduler will never split up the family, it can't schedule the members who should be scheduled more often for their additional shifts.

You can also ensure that family members are always kept together just in a particular job, which will not adversely affect distribution. For example, you can specify that all couples who are both Job 1 should always be scheduled together in that job, but may be scheduled apart when serving in their other jobs. To set this up, you would:

1) Go to the Jobs pane in either the desktop software, or in the Admin view of the Web Terminal if you have made yourself a Web Admin.

2) Click on one of your jobs and choose to edit it by clicking "Edit Job..." in the desktop software, or clicking on the pencil icon in the Admin view of the Web Terminal.

3) Click "Show more options for this job...". (Note: this step is only needed in the desktop software.)

4) Select the "Never split up family members in this job" option.

To ensure that the program never schedules ANY family without all of its members present, you can check that option in the Scheduler Settings dialog, which you can access by choosing "Scheduler Settings..." from the Schedule menu of any open schedule or schedule skeleton window. However, doing so will make it harder to fill the entire schedule.