How do I renew my VSP subscription?

You may renew your maintenance contract by logging in to the Client Login page. Once logged in, click on the Renew button on the license information page to view and change options for your renewal:

The Subscription Renewal screen is where you can make changes to your Maximum Volunteers, number of Installations, and if you’re using the Lite edition, you can upgrade to Standard from this screen. For downgrades, email [email protected] prior to renewing.

Click the Continue button found beneath these options to be taken to the Order Summary screen, then again to go to the Billing Information page where you will be asked for credit card and billing contact information. If you’re not ready to pay now but simply wish to print an invoice, select “I’m not ready to pay yet - I just want to print an invoice” instead of entering credit card information:

After filling that out and clicking Continue once more, you will be asked to verify your order:

If you entered your credit card information to pay now, you will see a “Place this order now” button - click this button to complete your renewal. If you selected to print an invoice, you will see a “Print invoice for later payment” button instead - click this button to print your invoice. You will also be sent an email copy of the invoice, unless you deselect this option (found directly below the “Print invoice” button).