How do I import custom fields?

If you are looking to quickly update custom field information for multiple volunteers, you can do so as a Web Admin. 

  1. If you have not already done so, make yourself a Web Admin
  2. Log in to the Web Terminal as a Web Admin. 
  3. Set up your spreadsheet.
    1. You must include a first name column and a last name column.
    2. You may include any contact information or custom field information that you want to update in additional columns.
    3. CAUTION: Any blank cells will erase information that exists in VSP!
  4. Use the import button to start the import process.

5. Choose the spreadsheet you want to import.

6. Map the columns in the spreadsheet to the fields in VSP.

7. Optionally add all of the volunteers in the spreadsheet to a specific job, and choose whether to import new and existing volunteers or only existing volunteers. 

8. f there are any issues with the spreadsheet, the importer will identify the row and column that needs to be fixed. Correct the issues in the spreadsheet and then reimport. 

9. VSP will confirm how many new and how many existing volunteers have been updated.