What version is the VSP trial?

The trial version of VSP allows you to perform most key functions with the Lite version of the software, including adding data and running schedules. Once a schedule has been created, by using the "File" > "Export Schedule..." options, you can print out the schedule in a Word document and review the various layout formats available.  

The goal of the trial is to allow for evaluation of the key components including types of data that can be created and modified for volunteers (shift preferences, availability) and most importantly, generating test schedules and evaluating the scheduling process.

During the trial period, you will not be able to:

  • Add more than 500 volunteers. 
  • Send emails through the Announcements pane, including sending volunteers login information (although you will be able to preview emails to see what they would look like were you to send them). 
  • Make changes to the Web Terminal which includes assigning Web Admins and Leaders, setting up automatic reminders, and customizing forms. 
  • Put VSP on more than 2 computers. 

If you would like to take a deeper look at VSP and invite volunteers to go online, we recommend purchasing a subscription.