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How do I import my volunteers from a spreadsheet?

Before you import volunteers from a spreadsheet, you will first want to define your jobs.  Information that can be imported into VSP is personal information such as name, address, phone numbers, and email.  Files to be imported must be saved as either a CSV or a TXT document.  Text documents need to have each field separated by a comma or tabbed space.  

It is recommended you divide your volunteers into various spreadsheets defined by job.  For example, one spreadsheet would be used for all of your volunteers who do canvassing, and one for all of those who work at the call center.  This way, as you import the spreadsheet you can tell VSP to qualify everyone on that spreadsheet to a certain job.

When you have your spreadsheet ready to import and saved in the appropriate format, open the File menu within VSP and select "Import Volunteers...".  Select the fields you will be importing from the "Fields to import:" section of this dialog, and use drag/drop to order them as they appear in your spreadsheet.  Select the job qualification that should be given to everyone on this spreadsheet, and then click the "Import..." button at the bottom of this window.

Once VSP has imported all of your volunteers, it will give you the option to create families for any volunteers who have the same last name.  After all of the volunteers are in the program, the last step is to specify their shift preferences.