How do I set up my Jobs?

Jobs define the role that a volunteer will perform at a shift. Volunteers can only be scheduled in jobs for which they are qualified. Your jobs may be as generic as “Volunteer,” or as specific as “Raffle Ticket Seller – Booth 4.” Jobs can be divided into more specific roles using subdivisions, and organized into broad groups using folders (available with the Standard Edition). 

When deciding how to define your jobs, you may want to consider the following: 

  • What does my current schedule look like? How do I define what each volunteer will be doing?
  • What different roles do I need to specify so my volunteers know what they will be doing in advance?
  • Is it important that volunteers have different qualifications depending on the location of the job? (If yes, you may want to make those separate jobs.)

If you aren't sure of the best way to set up your jobs, you can always contact us and ask for recommendations based on your organization structure! 

To create a job: 

  1. Go to the Jobs pane in either the desktop software or the Admin view of the Web Terminal if you have made yourself a Web Admin.
  2. Create a new job by clicking "New Job..." in the desktop software, or by clicking on the blue "+" button and selecting "New job" from the drop-down menu in the Admin view of the Web Terminal.
  3. Give the job a title.
  4. Click "OK".