Transfer VSP to a new scheduler

If someone new will be taking over the scheduling duties at your organization, help make it a smooth transition with this checklist. Doing so helps ensure that all replies to emails sent through VSP will go to the new volunteer coordinator, and that volunteers know who to contact for questions.

  1. Download VSP onto the new scheduler's computer
  2. Change the default "From" email address for Web Terminal emails by going to the Web Terminal pane, clicking the "Web Terminal settings..." button, and clicking the "From" Address section.
  3. Change the default "From" email address for emails that are sent manually by going to the Announcements pane and clicking the down arrow to the right of the "From" address, then selecting "Manage senders..." from the drop-down menu and using the "New..." button to add the new scheduler's email.
  4. Update the primary contact listed on file for your VSP account.
  5. Share help resources like the online documentation and Web Terminal tutorials.