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Organizing volunteers at multiple locations

Does your organization have multiple sites or locations at which people can volunteer? VSP makes it easy to label volunteers in your database based on where they serve. This way, you can send emails, pull rosters, and schedule volunteers at specific locations!

  1. Go to your Volunteers pane, select a volunteer, and click the "Edit Volunteer..." button. (If using the Admin view of the Web Terminal as a Web Admin, click the button with a pencil icon.)
  2. Beneath the section titled "Jobs qualifications" you will see a "Locations" area. Click "Set" to choose from a list of locations to tie to that volunteer.
  3. If you want to add new locations, click "Manage locations...", where you will be able to input as many as your organization needs. (Note: If you are using the Admin view of the Web Terminal as a Web Admin, the "Manage locations..." option will not be available inside of a volunteer profile. Instead, you will need to go to the Recurring Shifts pane and choose to edit a shift to access the "Manage locations..." option.)

NOTE: If you do not see the "Locations" area in your volunteer profiles, this is because you have not yet tied a recurring shift to a location. To do this, just go to your Recurring Shifts pane, choose "Edit Shift...", and click "Manage locations..." from the Location drop down menu. Once you create a location via the Recurring Shifts pane, the "Locations" section will appear in your volunteer profiles.