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Easily add a new recurring shift to an existing schedule

If you want to add a new recurring shift to the schedule, this can be accommodated quickly and easily, without needing to generate a new schedule skeleton. This is especially helpful for new weekly or monthly shifts that you don't want to enter manually.

  1. Open the existing schedule that covers the time period during which the new shift takes place.
  2. Leave the schedule open, go back to the main VSP screen and go to the Recurring Shifts pane.
  3. Select the new shift option for the type of shift you are creating - daily, monthly or yearly. Setup the time and number of required jobs in each shift, then click "OK".
  4. A dialog box will say, "Would you like to create instances of this recurring shift time in the open schedule?"
  5. Click "OK". 
  6. Go back and look at the schedule, and you will see the new shifts. You can then run the auto-scheduler again to fill in those shifts. Before rerunning the auto-scheduler, you will want to update volunteers' profile with the new shift time by adding it as a preference for those volunteers that wish to serve at the new time.

NOTE: Although you can create new shifts in the open schedule by adding a shift in the Recurring Shifts pane, editing an existing shift in the Recurring Shifts pane will not change the shifts in the open schedule.