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How do I save a schedule and post it so my volunteers can see it in the Web Terminal?

Once you are satisfied with your schedule and would like to save it and share with your volunteers, you will want to post it online to the Web Terminal.

This can all be done in a few easy steps.  First, go to the File menu from your scheduling window.  Select "Save As..." if this is the first time you will be saving this schedule.  A new dialog will pop-up and you will be asked to give your schedule a name (the default name will always appear as the scheduled date range) and below that, you will see the option "Make this schedule live now so volunteers can see their assignments online", as well as three different options for the format of the Live Schedule Post.  Leave the first option checked, select whether to customize your Live Schedule Post, use the default layout, or clone a previous Live Schedule Post, and click "OK".

VSP will then display a small dialog alerting you the schedule was saved, and if you are customizing the layout it will open the "Online layout and options" window.  These options control how the full schedule will look to the volunteers when they look at it online.  You can choose to display a full schedule with all shifts and jobs, or select certain shifts, jobs, or a date range to post online.

This dialog allows you to control the information included in the post online, so that you could, for example, post separate schedules for each job, shift, weekend etc.  By visiting the different sections, you can set up each of these aspects of the schedule.  Multiple Live Schedule Posts can be made for one schedule.

Once you are ready to post the schedule online, click on the "Save" button in the lower right hand side of this screen.  VSP will then alert you that your Live Schedule Post has been added and you and your volunteers can log in online to view it.

At any time you wish to make changes to your schedule, there is no need to repeat this process.  Simply go to the Schedule heading of VSP, select your active Live schedule from the list in the middle of the screen, open it, make the necessary changes and go to "File -> Save".  This will update the existing post online.