How do I create a schedule?

Once you have configured VSP with your own jobs, volunteers, and shifts, you are ready to create your first schedule.

To create a schedule, click on the Schedules heading on the left side of VSP's main screen.  At the top of this screen, enter the start and end dates of the schedule you would like to work with, and then click the "Create..." button.  Note that if you will be using VSP's auto-scheduler, it is better to run a schedule that is 2 or 3 months in length to give the scheduling engine more flexibility when assigning positions.  For more information about using the auto-scheduler, please see the other lessons in this manual.

Once you hit the "Create..." button, VSP will then open a new window that will display the months of and surrounding your selected time period on the left.  You can select a day that has a box around it to view the shifts you have set up for that day, or build a new shift on a day of your choosing.  

Please see the rest of the lessons in this documentation for more information about working with the schedule.