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What are the "Modes" and the list on the right side of the scheduling window? How can I use them?

The modes on the right side of the scheduling window are helpful views of your list of volunteers. They can be used to easily fill in a position, give a shift to a volunteer, or simply view all of the shifts a particular volunteer has been assigned.

By clicking on the drop-down menu next to "Mode:", you can choose from the 3 different views: Fill positions, Place Volunteer, and Show shifts given to. 

"Fill positions" is the default mode applied when an unfilled position is highlighted.  This mode filters through your volunteers to display a list of those who meet certain criteria to be available for that particular job/shift.  To turn the filters on or off, click on the text that says "Show only volunteers who..." and you can select or deselect filters as needed.

There is also a box that says "Sort by load:". You can use this to order the volunteers by the number of shifts they have already been given, to get a better idea of who would be best qualified to fill the vacancy.

"Place Volunteer" mode is helpful when you need to find a position for a particular volunteer.  Choose a name from the list and the bottom of the list will allow you to specify a particular job if you'd like, or any job, then click the "Place Volunteer" button.  You will then be presented with various positions that volunteer would be able to work at, and you can choose the one that fits best.  This mode is the default when looking at the "Hours distribution" report, and you choose to add an assignment to a volunteer.

The last mode is the "Show shifts given to" mode.  This displays the list of all of your volunteers, and when a name is selected, the calendar will highlight in green the days they are scheduled.  When a day is clicked, the volunteer's name will be highlighted in green also, to easily locate them.  This is a great way to quickly see all of the days a particular person is assigned.