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Accommodate changes in shift times for summer schedules

Do your organization's shift times change slightly over the summer? Many organizations adjust their shifts this time of year - be it the number of shifts they have or simply the times at which the shifts occur. Easily accommodate changes to your summer schedule by setting up separate shifts just for those months when they are needed.

  1. Begin in the "Recurring Shifts" pane in VSP and create new shifts to represent any different shift times you will need for the summer by clicking the "New Shift..." button.
  2. Before you run your next schedule, deactivate the shifts you do not need by selecting the shift, clicking the "Edit Shift..." button, and checking the "Make this shift inactive for now (don't schedule)" box. NOTE: Only active shifts appear on new schedules you create, so deactivate those you don't need for the next scheduling period.
  3. If you have any Preassignments or rotating Teams set up, be sure to adjust them or create new ones to accommodate your new shift times and needs. If you are auto-scheduling your volunteers, be sure to adjust your volunteers' shift preferences or email them asking that they submit summer shift preferences online! If volunteers are doing self sign up, simply create a new schedule and post it online so volunteers can select their summer positions!