A guide to VSP's scheduling icons - Flags

Let's take a look at VSP's "flag" icons, which can help you track attendance and increase accountability with just a few clicks!

VSP's flag icons will appear at the top of your open schedule only after you run the auto-scheduler. If you do not run the auto-scheduler, you can access the flag options by right-clicking on a position in an open schedule, or by going to the Schedule menu and choosing Convert Skeleton to Schedule. 

Green Flag: Use this flag to denote that a person is volunteering for an "extra" position. This means they weren't originally assigned and filled in. To apply the flag, click on the volunteer and then the green flag to label them as "Extra". 

Yellow Flag: Use this flag to request a swap on behalf of a volunteer - and avoid having to log into the Web Terminal. Just click on the volunteer in the position they are unable to attend and click on the yellow flag. This flag is particularly useful for managing volunteers who do not have Internet access and want to make a swap request.

Red Flag: If a volunteer did not show up for their position and the spot went unfilled, you can click on the red flag at the top of the scheduling window to show that they "did not show up". 

White Flag: Click on the white flag to clear and remove any flags associated with a volunteer in a particular position. 

By taking time to flag your volunteers, you can easily generate reports and send emails thanking people when they fill in as extras or letting no-shows know they were missed. 

NOTE: If someone did not show up for their position and another volunteer stepped in to fill the spot, show this on your schedule by first clicking the position and then the red flag. Next, click the person icon with the green arrow and choose the person who stepped in to fill that position. Now, this new volunteer will be flagged as "Extra (No Show)".