A guide to color-coding on the schedule

Do you ever wonder why names are in red? Or why some dates on the calendar are highlighted in green or blue? Color-coding is designed to help you spot conflicts, openings, and assignments! Discover what each color represents!

Color-coding on the schedule

Blue: When you click on a volunteer's name on the schedule, that volunteer is highlighted in blue. The other days on which this volunteer is scheduled are also listed in blue on the calendar.

Green: When you click on a name on the right side of the schedule in any mode setting, that volunteer's name is highlighted in green. Days on which they are scheduled are also highlighted in green on the calendar, and if you click on a green date, the volunteer's name that day is in green, making it easier for you to find them.


When using the "Fill Positions" mode to fill an empty slot, VSP will show a list of volunteers who could be scheduled in the highlighted position. Names of volunteers with conflicts are listed in either red or orange.

Red: indicates a serious conflict, meaning the volunteer should not/cannot be scheduled there. Examples of this would be: volunteer has an unavailable time, does not list the shift as a preference, or has already been scheduled that day.

Orange: denotes a minor conflict, meaning the volunteer could be scheduled but there are some factors making them not an ideal candidate in the program's eyes. Examples of this would be: volunteer has family members who can't be scheduled, or was scheduled close to this date.