What is a Resource? How do I add one?

Resources are files that you upload to a shift's plan so that your volunteers can access them online. These can be instructions, maps, waivers, or anything else your volunteers might need to complete their shift.

From a schedule in VSP, click on a date and then a shift on that day you wish to upload a resource for, and then choose "Edit Shift Plan..." from the Schedule menu to be taken to the Shift Plan view for that service. 

(If this option appears grayed out, be sure the shift is highlighted in blue on the schedule by clicking on one of the listed positions.)

To add a resource, click the “+ Add another resource” link under the list of resources and choose either "Add a file" or "Add a link." 

Once you choose the type of resource, give it a title, which is what volunteers will see in the list. Then select the file or include the URL in the specified section. 

Whether you are uploading a file or a link, at the bottom, you will have two options about who is able to view this resource. 

"Show this resource" allows you to specify on which shift plans this resource will appear. 

"Only show this resource to volunteers passing | this filter" will allow you to further specify which specific volunteers will be able to see the resource on the shift plan page. You can choose to only show to a specific job, or just shift leaders, or use any of the other options available in VSP's powerful filter tool. 

Your volunteers will then be able to see these resources whenever they click on the date and time of a shift from their email, the Web Terminal, or the app. Download the resource by clicking on its name.