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Print personalized letters for volunteers without email

Using VSP's Announcements pane, you can print letters for volunteers without internet access. The tokens in the email body will be filled in when the email is printed, just like using mail merge in Microsoft Word. This makes it easy to print and mail personalized letters to volunteers without email.

  1. Start in the Announcements pane in VSP. Write your letter or load a preconfigured template by clicking on the "+" button in the upper right, hovering your cursor over "Templates >" in the drop-down menu and clicking on "Preconfigured".
  2. Click the "Save as draft" button at the bottom of the email.  
  3. Click on the down arrow next to the draft of the email you want to print out.  Click on "Print to PDF" and select "Just for recipients without internet access".
  4. This will give you a PDF with tokens populated for each volunteer without internet access.
  5. If you want to only print out an email for fewer people than you have listed as without internet access, you can limit it in either the "To" section of the email or after you create the PDF, you can select which pages you want printed out.  

BONUS: Use the Mailing Labels pane inside of VSP to generate mailing labels just for volunteers without internet access to easily mail your letters to the selected volunteers.