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Send an email to volunteers scheduled at a specific shift

Emailing volunteers scheduled at certain shifts has many valuable uses, like telling everyone where to meet or alerting volunteers of a change in shift times. Use the tokens inside the VSP Announcements pane to quickly and easily send a shift-specific email.

  1. Click on the Announcements pane on the left side of the program. In the "To" area of the email, check "But only volunteers who pass | this filter..."

2. In the Edit Filter window that appears, click on "Assignments" beneath the Jobs & Scheduling section on the left.

3. Add a "0" to the "Are assigned more than _ total hours" option.

4. Next, choose the date range from which you want to pull information, using the "Between the dates of" line. NOTE: You can click the drop-down menu for options other than a date range.

5. Check "As a ___" to choose a specific job from the dropdown. If you want to include all jobs, just leave this option unchecked.

6. Next, choose the shift to which your email pertains from the "At this shift" dropdown.

7. Click "OK", and "Preview" to check that you've selected the correct group of volunteers. Click "Send to..." when you are ready to go!