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How can I send an email to all of my volunteers?

VSP makes it as easy as possible to send out an email to all of your volunteers at the same time.  You can use VSP’s built in Announcements pane to send customizable emails to your volunteers that can contain personalized content, including the volunteer's shift preferences, can't serve times, the list of shifts for which he or she has been scheduled, or even a list of unfilled positions in the volunteer’s qualified jobs. These emails are sent through our email servers, so you don’t even need to worry about configuring the program to work with an outside email account.

To access the Announcements pane, click on the Announcements heading on the left hand side of VSP’s main screen. The Announcements pane is very similar to the controls found in an ordinary email program. You may specify recipients for the email, the email’s subject, attachments, and the message body.  

When you begin composing an email, the default selection in the "To" line is "All volunteers".  You can also use the Token menu to insert fields that will be automatically filled in for each recipient.  For instance, the {{FirstName}} token is most commonly used, and adds a personalized touch to each email.

When you are ready, click the "Preview" button in the lower right corner, and VSP will show a list of the volunteers who will receive this email. Click "Send to..." when you are ready to send.