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How do I post schedules on my organization's website?

There are two ways to post a schedule to your organization's website. This article will help you decide which is best for your organization, as well as how to accomplish this. 

Copy Link to Last

The "Copy link to last" option is known as a dynamic link and will allow you to control which schedule is shown on your website from within VSP. This means you do not need to update the link on the website each time a new schedule is made. Instead, VSP will look at which schedule is physically listed last in the Live Schedule Post list in the Full Schedules tab of the Web Terminal pane in VSP.

You should consider using this option if you only want to post one schedule to the church website. 

Copy Link

The "Copy Link" option is known as a static link and will allow you control over what schedules appear online by updating the link on the website every time a new schedule is created. Although this means you need to edit your website every time a new schedule is made, it also means you have more control over what to post.

You should use this option is you want to post more than one schedule on your website - for example separate schedules for different jobs, or posting a new schedule that has been created so it appears on the website along with the current schedule. 

Posting schedules on your organization website

1. First, we need to have a schedule that is Live and create a Live Schedule Post

2. Enable links to your Live Schedule Post by going to the Web Terminal pane on the left side of the program and clicking on the "Web Terminal settings..." button in the upper left corner. In the dialog that appears, go to the General pane and check the option that says "Allow direct links to live schedule posts (so full schedules can be viewed without logging in)".

3. Click on the Full Schedules tab at the top of the page. Select your most recent Live Schedule Post from the Live Schedule Post section and click the "View" button to the right of this section.

4. In the dialog that appears, click the "Copy Link" or "Copy link to last" button, to copy the HTML code needed to post on your site.

5. Open an email to your Webmaster in your preferred email client. Choose Paste to include the copied HTML code in the email, and ask your Webmaster to use the code to place the link on your organization's website.