Personalizing schedules and rosters

When exporting your schedules to the Web Terminal or printed form, you can include additional notes or information that will personalize your schedule and convey important messages in one convenient location. By adding an optional header or footer such as the points of contact for each job or reminders about what time to show up, you keep volunteers informed and can facilitate coordination at the shift.

  1. Open or generate a schedule. When you are ready to export, go to the File menu and choose "Export Schedule."
  2. In the Export dialog, click on the Document Settings tab. If you are building a roster, go to the "Document Settings" section within the Rosterizer.
  3. In the "Document Settings" section you can enter the contact information for each shift leader or include important protocols relevant to your jobs. If you enter this information in the Header section it will appear at the top of the schedule or roster. You can also enter information in the Footer field, in which case the personalized text will appear at the bottom of the schedule.