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The List of available positions says ''and more...''. How can I list more positions?

Any list of positions (available, unfilled, swap requested) will be truncated at approximately 8-12 entries. The reason for this is to allow the pages in the Web Terminal to load in a reasonable amount of time. If you have tokens that say "and more..." at the end, you will want to direct your volunteers to the Full Schedules tab where they will be able to see those open positions. 

In cases where you only want to list the Unfilled Positions, you can create a special Live Schedule Post with only Unfilled Positions listed using these steps: 

  1. Open the Schedule
  2. Go to File - Create additional Live Schedule Post...
  3. Select the "List of shifts with scheduled volunteers under each" option from the Layout menu in the Layout Settings section
  4. Go to the Included Volunteers section, click "Include only these volunteers", and then do not select any volunteers 
  5. Go to the Document Settings section and rename the Live Schedule Post something like "Unfilled Positions [dates]"
  6. Click Save
  7. When asked to name the schedule, again, name it "Unfilled Positions [dates]"

If you like, this can then replace the Unfilled Positions token on the My Schedule tab. 

  1. Go to the My Schedule tab of the Web Terminal pane and delete the "UnfilledPositions" token
  2. Type in a sentence like "To sign up for unfilled positions, please click the link below." and hit return to go to the next line
  3. From the {{Token}} menu, go to Live Schedule Post tokens and select Live Schedule Post Links
  4. Find the Live Schedule Post link that correlates to the "Unfilled Positions [dates]" schedule and select it to have it placed on the page
  5. Click Commit Changes

Now when your volunteers go to the My Schedule tab, they will see something like this: