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Why don't my unfilled positions have a ''Volunteer Now'' link?

How do I get the Schedule online to allow ministers to volunteer for positions. Shouldn't there be a link that says "Volunteer Now"?  Right now it just says "Unfilled Position" and it is NOT a link.


There is a setting in the schedule post this will turn these into links so volunteers can sign up. To turn on this setting, go to the Web Terminal pane inside of VSP and click on the Full Schedules tab.

At the top of the Full Schedules tab click on your Live Schedule Post name and then click the small "Settings..." button just to the right of the name. This will open the Online layout and options window for that schedule - in the Layout Settings section, check the option that says, "Include links so volunteers can volunteer via the Web Terminal" and then click Save.

From the Web Terminal pane, click the "Commit Changes" button, and now the links will say "Volunteer Now" online.