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Cleaning up rosters that include a list in one cell

Rosters can be a little messy looking when you include a field that generates a list of results, like the scheduled shifts token. 

But with a little Excel magic, you can get this to look a little easier to read! 

1. In Excel, type "Ctrl+H" to open the Find and Replace box

2. Click on the "Options > >" button

3. Click in the "Find what:" box

4. Type the Semi-colon (;) symbol, as this is the symbol that separates all of the scheduled services

5. Click in the "Replace with" box

6. On the keyboard, press Ctrl + J to enter the line break character -- NOTE: Nothing will appear in the "Find what" box

7. Click Replace or Replace All, to replace the semi-colons with line breaks. At this point, it might look like information was deleted, but really, we just have to resize the cells!

8. Click the box in the far upper left (Between A and 1) to select all of the cells in the document

9. Under the Home tab at the top of Excel, click on Format and choose Auto-fit Column Width

10. Then, go back to the Format and choose Auto-fit Row Height. Now you should have a much cleaner looking list of services!