Sending emails with Polls or RSVPs

Are you looking for quick feedback without a bunch of email replies? Polls and RSVPs allow you to gather feedback from volunteers all in one place with just a few clicks!

Creating a poll or RSVP

1. Start in the Announcements section and compose an email Announcement. 

2. Begin typing your message. Click the Poll or RSVP button on the right when you are ready to add it to your message.

3. Now, type your question. If you are sending a poll, add one answer per line below. You can optionally click the box if you want people to be able to select more than one answer. 

If you are sending an RSVP, you can additionally allow volunteers to bring additional guests.

4. Click "Save" and the poll or RSVP will appear in your email. 

5. Preview and send your email when the message is complete. 

Managing responses

To view and manage responses, start by viewing the sent email in the Announcements section.

Viewing poll results

1. To view how many people have responded to each option, click "Show poll results"

2. The results will be displayed in bar graph form, with the number of each reply out of total replies listed for each response. 

Editing responses

1. To see who has responded or update a volunteer's response manually, click "Manage responses" next to the poll or RSVP.

2. Click the area to the right of a volunteers name to add a response, or click on an existing response to edit it. 

3. Use the search bar at the top to find a specific volunteer's response.

4. Use the mail icon in the upper right to email any volunteers who have not yet responded.