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Keep volunteer information safe with a quick security audit

When it comes to security, we go to great lengths to ensure the safety of your data. But that doesn’t mean a savvy scammer can’t find weak points in your database configuration. Here's a couple best practices to ensure your database remains secure. 

Audit your rosters

Posting rosters online in the Web Terminal is useful to help volunteers contact each other outside of service. When using Rosters, only include necessary information to avoid oversharing volunteers’ personal information online.   

Audit how enrollment forms are processed

Enrollment forms are a great way to gather new volunteer interest quickly! However, hackers could use them to create a fake profile with the hopes of gaining access to your church’s and volunteers’ info. If your enrollment forms are publicly available to anyone visiting your church’s website or social media page, we recommend that you choose to process enrollment forms manually and with care. To do so: 

  • Be sure to turn off automatic processing of enrollment forms.
  • Before manually processing a new enrollment form, check to make sure you know the volunteer. If not, use the contact information provided to reach out to them before processing the form.