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How are volunteers assigned their Web Terminal usernames and passwords?

Usernames and passwords are automatically generated for each volunteer when the volunteer is entered into the program. You can view the username and password for each volunteer by going to the Web Terminal pane, clicking "Login as..." at the bottom of the screen, and then selecting the volunteer from the list. You may change a volunteer's username and password when that volunteer is selected by clicking on the little arrows next to the information. A volunteer may also change his own password by logging into his Web Terminal and clicking the appropriate button in the My Profile tab.

Exporting usernames and passwords

Usernames and passwords can also be exported using the Rosterizer.  In the "Included Fields" section, un-check the box under the "Available fields:" column that says "Show common fields only".  This will list all of the fields that can be used to convey information using the Rosterizer.  You can now add Full Name, Web Terminal username, and Web Terminal password to the "Fields to include" box, and when you export your roster it will list all of the volunteers with their usernames and passwords, to be easily looked up in the future.