Focus on a particular job when viewing the schedule

You can make it easy to view and manage positions in just one - or several - jobs at a time by using the "Focus on" option in the open schedule. This is especially helpful if different schedulers handle different jobs. You can simply view and modify just your piece of the scheduling puzzle, while still using the main schedule for all jobs.

  1. Generate a new schedule or open an existing schedule in VSP.
  2. From the open schedule window, click on the View menu at the top and navigate to the "Focus on jobs" option. In the new menu that will pop out, select the jobs you wish to view. The schedule will then only display positions in those jobs on the schedule.

BONUS: When you click the "Auto Schedule..." button when using the "Focus on jobs" option, the program will default to schedule just positions in those jobs. Moreover, after the auto-scheduler has been run, dates with open positions in the jobs being focused on will be highlighted in red.