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Designate Leaders to stay powerfully connected to volunteers

By setting up key volunteers as Web Admins or Leaders* in VSP, you can grant them access to a special Admin View of the Web Terminal. In the Admin View, Leaders can:

  • edit schedules,
  • upload notes and resources to shift plans, 
  • update volunteer profiles,
  • send personalized emails or text messages to volunteers in their jobs,
  • and request subs on their behalf.

In addition to everything a Leader can do, Web Admins can also:

  • add and delete shifts from schedules,
  • rename schedules,
  • add and delete volunteers,
  • import volunteers, including importing custom fields for those volunteers,
  • and send announcements as any email address (for Leaders, the announcements will always be sent from the email listed in their volunteer profile).

This feature will make it possible for administrators and heads of jobs/shifts to stay powerfully connected to the volunteers without having to download VSP. As an installation administrator to VSP you have control over which jobs and shifts a Leader can contact and what privileges they have online. Web Admins will all have complete access to all features listed above.

  1. Make sure the person who will be acting as the Web Admin or Leader is entered as a volunteer inside of VSP.
  2. From the Administrators pane, click on the "+" button to begin designating a Leader.
  3. If adding a Leader, click on the Jobs row and select the jobs they will lead. You can limit the shifts and privileges Leaders have access to by referring to the corresponding Shifts and Privileges rows.

 * Leaders are only available with the Standard edition of VSP.

NOTE: We have a tutorial for Leaders available here.