Display only future dates on Live Schedule Posts online

Volunteers looking at the schedule online can now easily see shifts for the upcoming weekend without needing to scroll through the full schedule. By displaying only future dates and not past dates online, volunteers can more quickly navigate to upcoming shifts.

  1. From the Web Terminal pane inside of VSP, click on the Full Schedules tab at the top.
  2. For existing Live Schedule Posts, click on the name of the post from the top section of the window and click the "Settings..." button to the right. If you are creating a new Live Schedule Post, click the "New..." button.
  3. In the "Online layout and options" window, click on the Select Shifts pane and check the option at the bottom of that screen that says, "Don't include shifts that took place more than two days ago". Click the "Save" button and your existing post will be updated or your new post will be created.