Volunteers can comment on shifts

Please note: This feature will be depreciated in early 2020 (see below).  

  1. When volunteers click on the date or time of a shift (from an email or the My Schedule tab), they will be brought to the shift's page
  2. They can leave comments at the bottom of the shift
  3. You will receive an email notification any time a volunteer comments on a shift

Note: You can delete comments if necessary. To do so, open your schedule, click on the shift that has a comment that needs deleting, and click the "Add note..." button at the top of the screen. This will bring you to the shift page where you can delete comments as needed.

Depreciation information

Comments are a feature that allow volunteers and leaders to communicate directly on the shift plan page. By eliminating this extra communication location, less information will get lost or missed. 

Do you still want to grant volunteers the ability to connect directly? Choose "email" as a field when posting the roster online so volunteers have quick and easy access to communicate. Also, encourage volunteers to connect with schedulers and Shift Leaders directly by replying to emails or text messages sent through the Announcements pane.