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Volunteers can choose their shifts when they enroll

Simplify the volunteering process by allowing new volunteers to choose which shifts they'd like to work right when they first sign up! You can include a calendar of available shifts on your organization's enrollment form, making it easier than ever for new volunteers to get involved.

  1. From the Web Terminal pane of VSP, click the "Web Terminal settings..." button at the top of the Home tab.
  2. Click Enrollments on the left-hand side of the new window, and click the Assignments subheading that appears on the left.
  3. Check the box to "Allow volunteers to request specific assignments (on specific dates and times) during enrollment".
    Note: Volunteers can only enroll at a shift if they are qualified in that Job, so make sure they can also choose their Jobs when they enroll by going to the Jobs sub-pane, as well! 
  4. You can further customize and limit which positions volunteers can sign up for using the other controls on this screen.

Bonus: Post your enrollment form on your organization's website to attract even more new volunteers!