Give staff members Web Terminal access

If members of your organization want to see schedules, receive emails and access information posted on the Web Terminal, you can qualify them for Jobs as "Sub only." This way, they are never scheduled, but still have access to the Web Terminal and receive volunteer emails and text messages.

  1. Create a volunteer profile for your staff person by going to the Volunteers pane and clicking the "New Volunteer..." button. Enter their name and, at a minimum, their email address and cell phone number (if they wish to receive texts).
  2. In the "Jobs qualifications" field in the upper-right corner, click the Add button and qualify them for the Job for which they would like to see schedules and receive communication. Repeat if this applies to more than one Job.
  3. Select the box that says "Only show qualified jobs" above the "Job qualifications" field.
  4. Click on one of the Job qualifications and then check off the "Sub only" box to the right. You will then see (Sub) appear in parenthesis next to the Job qualification. Repeat for the rest of the Jobs for which they have been qualified.
  5. Click "OK" and send them the "Send User Login" Announcements template, so they have their login information and can access the Web Terminal (you may want to customize the email text and Subject).

Note: If staff members do not want to receive automated swap request emails, you can turn them off for specific volunteers. Go to the Volunteers pane on the left side of the program and double-click on the staff member's name. Click on the arrow to the right of their email address and uncheck "Send swap request emails."