Use Leaders to track attendance

Did you know that Leaders can mark volunteers as no shows or extras online? Set up your Leaders so they can update volunteer attendance, and save yourself the time it takes to track down that information!

  1. Declare your Leaders and make sure that their "Edit Assignments" privilege is turned on.
  2. Once a Leader is declared, they can use the following steps to track attendance for their volunteers:

    1. Log into the Web Terminal online.
    2. Click on your name in the upper right corner of the Web Terminal and select "Switch to Admin View", then click on the Schedules pane.
    3. Open the appropriate schedule.
    4. In the calendars on the left, click on the date of the shift for which attendance will be marked.
    5. Click on a position, then click on the flag icon next to a volunteer's name to flag the volunteer as sub requested, set an attendance tracking flag or clear the current flag.