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Send sub requests to more volunteers to get positions filled

Help fill in the gaps on your schedule by sending sub requests to more volunteers. By default, VSP sends sub request emails only to volunteers whose shift preferences include the shift for which the sub request was made. But by broadening the scope of the sub request emails, you'll give your volunteers more chances to help out and allow more people to get involved!

1. Go to the Web Terminal pane on the left side of the administrative installation of VSP. Click on the My Schedule tab at the top of the window.

2. Click the "Token options..." button at the top of the screen, below the My Schedule tab.

3. In the Token Options window that opens, uncheck the box at the bottom that says "Show only tokens that are included in the contents of this tab."

4. Locate the "Swap Requested Positions options" section, and un-check the box that says, "Include only those positions in shifts at which this volunteer can serve."

NOTE: If your volunteers now receive sub request emails for all shifts and would only like to receive those for their preferred shifts, follow the steps above and instead re-check the box mentioned in step 4.