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Printing attendance records and hours served for the previous year

To print a record of the attendance for each volunteer over the previous year, first, make sure you do not delete any schedules from VSP from that time frame! 

Now, open one of those schedules. 

1. Go to the Reports menu at the top of the schedule window. 

2. Choose "View Hours Scheduled..."

3. At the top choose "Show numbers from" and input the start and end date of the previous year (ex. 1/1/2021 to 12/31/2021)

4. Click "Calc now"

5. Choose what information you would like displayed by editing any of the following: 

  • Show totals only, totals by job, totals only for a particular job(s), and if showing specific jobs, decide if you want those broken down by subdivision
  • Sort the data by clicking at the top of any column to sort alphabetically or from most to least
  • Use the "Filter list with..." option in the lower left corner to filter for volunteers who meet a certain requirement (for example, volunteers who are currently active)

6. Use the "Export..." button in the lower right to save this report to your computer or print.