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How can I post a Roster on the Web Terminal for my volunteers to see?

In the Web Terminal as a Web Admin

To make a roster visible to your volunteers in the Rosters tab, when you are creating the roster, be sure to choose to make the roster accessible by "Web Admins and volunteers logged into the Web Terminal".

When this option is selected for a roster, all volunteers will be able to view it in the Rosters tab in the Web Terminal.

In the VSP desktop software

To create a new roster and post it to the Web Terminal for volunteers to see using the VSP desktop software, start in the Web Terminal pane and click on the "Rosters" tab.  In this section, click the "New..." button.

VSP will take you to the Rosterizer with the Document Settings ready to post to the Web Terminal.  Set up the roster you want to post (for most information about the sections of the Roster pane, take a look at the Building a Roster article), then hit the "Save Live Roster Post" button.

VSP will then have you name the roster, and then return you to the "Rosters" tab of the Web Terminal pane where the Live Roster Post will appear in the section at the top of the screen.  To view this on the Web Terminal, click the "Login as..." button at the bottom of the Web Terminal pane and log in as any volunteer.  The roster will now be viewable under the "Rosters" tab.