How do I create a Roster of my volunteers?

Looking for a list of volunteers names, emails, addresses, or other information from the program? Create a rosters of volunteer info to print or post online. 

You may choose exactly which volunteers, jobs, locations or shifts to include in your rosters as well as what information to include and in what order. You may also choose to organize your rosters by job and / or shift preference and optionally to list inactive or substitute volunteers separately at the end of the roster. Your rosters may be saved in several formats, including MS Word (.rtf) and Web Page (.html). To generate a roster, first click on the Rosters pane in the admin view of the Web Terminal.

To begin creating a new roster, click on the "+" button in the upper right.

Next, choose a name for your new roster and specify who will be able to access the roster.

In the Jobs section, choose which jobs you want to include in this roster: all jobs, or only certain jobs that you select.

In the Volunteers section, you can select who to include in your roster. You can include all volunteers, choose "Include only volunteers passing | this filter..." to include volunteers who meet specific criteria, or choose to include only volunteers that you specifically select. Note that this section takes its cues from the Jobs section, so if the Jobs section is set to include only House Managers, then "Include all volunteers" means "Include all volunteers who are House Managers".

You can also optionally choose to omit inactive volunteers and / or substitute volunteers from your roster.

Next is the Fields section, where you will specify what information the roster will contain, such as volunteers' names, phone numbers, shift preferences, etc. To add a field to your roster, move it from the column on the left to the "Fields to include"column on the right.

The next section is List arrangement.  Here, you can choose how to list volunteers in the roster.  By default, everyone will be listed together alphabetically in one long list.  You can select "Group volunteers from each job into separate lists" to subdivide the roster by job.  There are also options to subdivide the list by volunteers first shift preference and to include substitutes and inactive volunteers separately at the end of the roster.

After List arrangement is the Name modifiers section.  This section can be used to draw attention to certain volunteers by underlining, italicizing, or bolding names based on filtered criteria.  For example, you could bold the names of all volunteers who have not submitted an email address.

The last section is Document settings.  Here, you can give a your roster a title, header and/or footer. By default, the roster's Title will match the Name given to the roster at the start of this process.

Once you have everything set up, click the "Save" button to save this roster. After saving, this roster will be visible in the Rosters pane of the Web Terminal, where it can be edited, downloaded, duplicated, or deleted.