How do I print a schedule?

After you have finished reviewing and making changes to your schedule, you can export all or just particular parts of it into a format which you can free-form edit and print by choosing “Export Schedule...” from the File menu of an open schedule.  

What follows is a discussion of the settings available in this dialog organized by the panes which can be accessed by clicking on the headings on the left hand side.  The dialog that appears contains a variety of settings organized by the panes on the left hand side.

The Layout Settings section determines the general layout of how the information contained in the schedule is presented in the exported document.  Here you can select a format from the different Layout options available.

The Document Settings section establishes what format your exported document will be in.  You can choose from Word, Excel, Web Page (.html), and plain text.  Here you can give your schedule a title, header, and footer.

The Select Jobs section allows you to specify if you would like an exported schedule that displays all of your jobs, or just certain jobs.  

The Select Shifts section allows you to specify certain shifts you would like included in the exported schedule.  This pane also allows you to narrow down a date range within the schedule, so you can choose to export the schedule one week at a time, for example.

The Select Volunteers section allows you to specify if you'd like an output that reflects only certain volunteers, or a certain classification of volunteers.

The last section is Name Modifiers.  Here, you can assign attributes to volunteers' names and how they appear on the schedule.  For example, you can underline all Phone Canvassing volunteers, or everyone who works at a certain location.

Once you feel comfortable with your settings, hit the "Export Schedule" button in the lower right hand side of the window.  You will be prompted to save your schedule to your computer in the desired format, and it will then open for you to manually make changes, print, or use as an attachment to email to your volunteers.