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What happens when two volunteers sign up for the same position?

If Web Forms are set to process automatically and a volunteer attempts to sign up for a position that has already been filled, or volunteer for a sub request that has already been accepted by somebody else, they will be informed that the position is no longer open.

If Web Forms are processed manually for your volunteers, then two volunteers could potentially submit two separate forms to fill in the same "Sub Requested" or unfilled position before the position is marked as taken.

What happens next is you, the administrator, would process your Web Forms.  Whichever "Swap Accept" or "Assignment" form was submitted first will be processed first, so the first volunteer to accept the position will end up getting the spot.  If you have automatic emails setup, an email would go out the volunteer that got the spot to notify them that they have been assigned an extra position, and the position would be added to the volunteer's Web Terminal "My Schedule" tab.

When you process the form from the second volunteer, it will show an error, since the "Sub Request" or unfilled position has already been taken by the first volunteer.  When this error occurs, you will be prompted with the message, "That form was processed with errors because the position was already filled by somebody else. Would you like to send an email to let this volunteer know the position was already filled?" If you would like to inform the second volunteer that they did not get the position for which they volunteered, click OK.

Additionally, if you would like VSP to remember the answer you select this time, you can check the "Always assume this answer" option in the lower left corner of this dialog box before clicking OK or No thanks.