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Using filters to group volunteers matching certain criteria

VSP's high-powered filters are great for isolating certain volunteers based on specific criteria. By using filters, it makes it easier to communicate, schedule, group and edit volunteers that meet certain criteria. The filters can be used in most functions of VSP. For example, using the filters you can send an email to only volunteers who are scheduled at a specific shift.

  1. Make sure the schedule with the shift is Live
  2. From the Announcements pane in VSP, send to "All volunteers"
  3. Check the box below that option that says "But only volunteers who pass | this filter"

4. In the filter dialog that appears, click on Assignments under Jobs & Scheduling

5. In the right-hand side of the pane, a new box will appear. Set it to say "Are assigned at least/exactly 1 total hours" "On the exact date of _____". You can optionally use the "At this shift" checkbox to specify a specific shift on that date. 

6. Click "OK"

You have now activated that filter, and the email will only go to those volunteers scheduled on the specified date.