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Why can't one family member 'switch to' another in the Web Terminal or mobile app?

In general, placing volunteers in a family automatically allows them the option to use the "switch to" option (located in the upper right corner of the Web Terminal or in the Settings tab of the app) to get into another family member's information without signing out and back in again. If you are having trouble with volunteers not seeing this option, or missing family members, check the following:

Are both people listed in the same family?

Check in the Families subpane under the Volunteers pane to make sure both people are listed under the same family grouping. 

Did this option get turned off? 

In the Web Terminal pane, click on Web Terminal Settings. Look under General for "Allow family members to access (switch between) each others' accounts". Make sure this box is checked. If it is not, check it and then click OK and Commit Changes. 

Is the missing volunteer a Web Admin or Leader? 

Because of the additional capabilities available for Web Admins and Leaders, these volunteers are able to switch to their family members, but you cannot access a Web Admin or Leader's profile from the account of a family member. 

Are the volunteers both babysitters?

Because of the way the babysitter function is used, volunteers who are both marked as babysitter cannot switch between each others' accounts.